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What is MoJo BMX Distribution?

MoJo BMX Distribution is home to Speedco Bicycles, Avian Components, and Sinz Products as well as the North American distributor for Meybo Bicycles and S1 Protective Gear. Our house brands are well known throughout the BMX industry and have experienced exceptional growth since launching MoJo BMX in 2014. We welcome new dealers and distributors from around the world to grow with us and experience the quality, performance and passion that drives our brands.

Why our brands?

Besides great margins and a large following…

Speedco Bicycles, our flagship frame brand, is the heart of our dedication to the sport. With over a year invested into developing our Velox carbon frames, before experiencing their first dusting of clay, countless hours, drawings and testing were done to develop this work of BMX art. Derek Betcher, the Product Manager behind the scenes, followed up the success of the Velox Carbon frames with our M2 alloy line of race frames. The M2 is unmatched in rigidity and strength in the aluminum frame market.

Avian Components has become an immediate favorite line of parts amongst the best athletes in the sport. With a start in early 2016, the brand has added high-end components such as the Venatic Carbon rims, 2-pc Cadence Cranks, CNC machined Pariah Platform pedals, lightweight butted alloy and chromoly bars, the Versus carbon forks and Ceramic BB86 bottom brackets to name a few.

SINZ Products has been a staple on the BMX scene for more than a decade and MoJo BMX has continued the line of affordable products. From the SINZ V2 Carbon forks to the Elite 2-pc cranks and durable hollow pin chains, the SINZ line of products is a great margin producer for every bike shop for price conscience customers.

Meybo Bicycles was added to the MoJo BMX product options in mid-2017 and has quickly become an import favorite among riders looking for that European look and feel. The Meybo Holeshot frames are top notch from geometry to paint finish and decals. The 2018 season brings on the Meybo complete bikes to the US market and having them on your showroom floor will increase your store's traffic, sales and legitimacy among BMX enthusiasts.

SI Protective Gear was developed to improve range of motion while creating a protective layer between rider and the unforgiving ground. The S1 (Safety First) line is a must-have for your local riders and to ease the minds of worried mommies (and wives).

How to become a dealer or distributor?

There are great opportunities to become a dealer or distributor of our brands in the US and around the world. The growth of our brands and the potential growth of our industry is great for local bike shops, online dealers and distributors alike. If you are interested in bringing the MoJo BMX brands in to your collection, here's what we'll need from you:

  • Fill out dealer app from link below and e-mail to
  • A copy of your resale certificate from your respective state.
  • Photos of the interior/exterior of your brick and mortar bike shop.
  • If you are strictly a mobile dealer, please e-mail us before filling out the app.
Apply Now

(Note: Meybo Bicycles and S1 Protective Gear is limited to North American dealers only)

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