Avian Versus Fork Replacement Parts

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What we have pictured here are the replacement items for the Versus fork. The 'top cap' and the 'locking bolt' are sold separately so please specify which one (or both) you need in the drop-down menu. If you're buying a 'locking bolt' then you've likely stripped out the one that came with your fork. Please continue reading the torque spec info below if you don't want to repeat the strip.

Important Torque Spec Info:

Please use a torque wrench when installing this fork onto the bike. If the stem’s side bolts are over-tightened, you run the risk of crushing/damaging the carbon steerer tube (youth model) which can lead to the product failing. Further, the fork’s integrated locking system has an alloy top-cap, so if it’s over-tightened then you will strip it. Tighten between 4-5Nm is fine, but do not exceed 5.5Nm.

Additionally, allen wrenches don't last forever, and often times can become rounded off. If this is the case, please replace your allen so you don't damage the alloy screw.